Moonis Elahi for launching a ‘crusade’ against VVIP culture

Moonis Elahi for launching a ‘crusade’ against VVIP culture

Pakistan Muslim League senior leader Chaudhry Moonis Elahi has raised a voice against growing VVIP culture which is deeply rooted in the regime of the Sharif brothers.

“More than 10,000 cops are on VIP/VIIP duty. That is more than 40 per cent of the total number of police in Lahore. It is unfortunate that the security of 10million people of Punjab is seriously being compromised because of this step of the PML-N Punjab government . But who cares in the N-League government as it is busy making fast bucks and planning to extend its rule,” Moonis Elahi said.

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10536  cops on  duties, only 15764 fighting . Security of over 10 Million  compromised.

Mr Moonis Elahi, who is a parliamentary leader of PML-Q in Punjab Assembly, wonders as how such a huge force could be deployed for the VVIP’s security. “Where are the rights activists… this is an issue of everyone… be it a politician, a journalist or civil society member he or she should raise this issue at any forum forcing the rulers to stop this VVIP culture,” Moonis said and suggested if the ruling elite is so much concerned about its security it should better spend it from its own pocket.

Moonis Elahi for launching a ‘crusade’ against VVIP culture

According to Dawn, `unauthorised’ duties and protocol assignments were consuming 45pc force of Lahore police.

“Most of Lahore police strength which was meant to fight crime is currently providing security cover to VIPs/VVIPs. Most of the beneficiaries of the police force are parliamentarians, politicians, judicial officers, foreigners, top civil administration and VIP personalities,” a senior police officer told Dawn.
The officer said about 90 vehicles of the Lahore police and 70 of Elite Force are being used by `unauthorised’ people. “In the absence of these official vans, the personnel at the police station level are forced to use private vehicles or motorbikes to discharge their duties. In addition, the fuel meant for the Lahore police vehicles is also being consumed by the unauthorised people in the name of protocol duties. Lahore police’s total strength of 26,300 is supposed to fight crime, maintain law and order and provide security to the lives and properties of some 10 million people.”

Moonis Elahi for launching a ‘crusade’ against VVIP culture

Dawn further reported that more than 10,000 cops, 160 vehicles of police engaged in protocol, security duties. Instead of posting police against their actual duties, a big chunk of the force has been engaged in protocol and VVIP duties and more force is being demanded for some other such unnecessary jobs.”

Like Moonis other politicians should also come forward and raise this issue vigorously. There has been a point in Moonis’ words… that politicians or other VIIPs should spend from their pocket and hire private guards for their security (if they want it) instead of engaging cops for their security at the expense of the tax payers money… which is cruel.
Courtesy: Pak Destiny

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